Artificial Intelligence and Business impact in recruitment – Group discussion with Adele, Suki and Tayla.

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Suki Stander:We wanted to have a conversation around, artificial intelligence and its impact on business. Specifically in the digital,technology and finance recruitment world. So where do we start? What do we address?

So today its having a conversation about the market. Discussing the areas that are being touched by AI,and then delving into the the different areas in more detail.

Adele McNiff: We’re already seeing the early impact of Artificial Intelligence in  business.Largely in a positive way, as there’s a multitude of ways that AI can make the recruitment process more efficient.Particularly in that sourcing and early screening phase, as AI is developing.Not just in the recruitment business sphere, but also for all organizations.The biggest point for consideration is the quality and quantity of data that you have. AI will then be a massive disruption for how processes are driven. Now is the time to start thinking about what aspects are data-driven.Defining what you need out of that data is important in being prepared. Otherwise you may be that  client that still recruits the old way and potentially, misses out on some of the best quality candidates in the market.

Artifical Intelligence vs connection in recruitment and business impact

Suki Stander:  The business of  impact of Artificial intelligence in technology finance recruitment,  is particularly of interest. How to best  incorporate and understand the data,to be able to find that that right candidate or communicate on behalf of the client to continue to make the right match.Maybe skills aren’t the thing that clients will be looking for in the future. Meaning the market will lean more to attitude,aptitude and creativity. A whole bunch of other factors will be looked at which is outside of current  framework in recruitment in technology and accounting.

Artificial Intelligence and Keywords

Tayla Allan: Artificial intelligence  is already being used in keyword searching. Candidates who are angling to change roles and be found by recruiters on Linkedin or tailoring resumes, which is my experience in terms of AI. It’s definitely good for being efficent in finding the right candidates.Ive heard of interview processes where AI scans your facial expressions. I do like to have that personal interaction with people.For initial sourcing and screening AI has positive business impact in regard to time. Theres just something about calling somebody,and vibing with that person that AI can’t do. They cant share in that human connection experience.

Adele McNiff: We might have many years of recruitment experience between us in digital and finance,but things are constantly changing. We want people to challenge us on our thinking and provide insight. So get involved and be part of the discussion!

Suki Stander: We  dont know all the answers.These are the trends and we would love to be apart of your individual AI transofrmation and explore the journey with you.


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