What role will Artifical Intelligence play in the changing recruitment landscape in Technology, Digital and Finance?


I’ve recently been on my own learning journey around, the potential artificial intelligence impact in Technolgy and Finance Recruitment.

Obviously it’s a very pertinent topic at the moment in a lot of aspects of our lives. But I’ve been trying to upskill myself with knowledge around, what the potential implications of it are, as it becomes much more powerful; which it’s definitely going to and what that means specifically with a people lens on it and talent solutions, both for our clients andour candidates. And what it means for us internally at Montagu Group, within the Technology and Finance Recruitment sector.

At this point in the journey, I’ve got as many questions as I’ve got answers. So would love any input and thoughts that anybody out there has on what the impact of AI, might be moving forwards in the workplace.

For me at the moment, I look at a lot of organizations and the way they’re structured is from an orch chart perspective, and from a Technology and Finance recruitment perspective, is quite functional. I think the functional component is exactly what artificial intelligence is going to remove. It can generate the content and produce the content but really I think where the people component is going to come in in the future is that content application and the creative thinking around that content.

So it’s led me to question what that means for organizations and for employees who are potential candidates in the finance and technolgy recruitment market, for a future role. 

Are you an organisation thinking about Artificial Intelligence?

Are you continuing with perhaps your traditional recruitment process of looking to match people with the skills that you need? Or are you already moving away from that and thinking about the soft skills which are going to be the things like creativity, the ability to innovate that communication piece, the ability to join dots on data and draw inferences from that.  Going into applying that to your organizational structure- What are the rules going to look like if those functional roles that are traditionally taken by the more junior members of the workforce don’t exist in that form anymore. How are you going to bring people in at the more junior level? And skill them up both in life experience and soft skill experience to be the leaders that you need in the future?

As a candidate do you have concerns, but more importantly guidance and support?

For candidates what do you need to look at? In your current skillset, particularly your soft skills to prepare yourself for this massive, evolving shift in the workforce, which whether we wanted to or not is coming very, very quickly, and I think it brings a whole lot of opportunity, but like, any major change, it brings a lot of challenges as well.

So I would love to just hear what people are thinking about the hiring strategy, how they’re going to go to market, how they’re going to structure the organization.

If youre a candidate, what you’re doing to prepare yourself?

We’d love to be part of that journey with you here at Montagu Group, if you are looking for a new role within the technolgy, digital or accounting sectors. So if there’s anything at all that we can do to help please reach out or share your thoughts we love to connect and chat about current topics we’re all thinking about.

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