Lets talk about the psychological contract in Technology,Digital,Finance and Accounting talent solutions?


Suki Stander:  The psychological contract in the technology, finance talent recruitment process is an important part of what we do. I think its become more relevant recently. I had a candidate that I submitted to a department where are set fees. They came back and said the candidate was too expensive per hour. So I had to negotiate him down before they had seen him.Already, the trust and psychological contract was broken,because you’re negotiating my rate before you even accept my value. It’s a it’s a relevant topic because it just it literally touches everything we do and clients do and candidates do and has a conscious or unconscious effect. 

Tayla Allan: Yeah, even if they don’t realize that there is a psychological contract, there is always one, it’s an unwritten rule.

Suki Stander: It’s thoughts and feelings of candidates clients recruiters. It’s a whole mix of people in In the dance that we’re dancing, who all have a psychological contract with each other, at various levels of the process. As soon as Taylor starts, speaking to a candiadte that at that very, very first interaction already it stablishes some connection via email or phone.

When we make that human connection

Tayla Allan: Once we start the process and they’re keen, it’s just a mutual commitment to each other as well. It’s not happening at the moment, so like that can mutual commitment to commit to me, like, know that I’m gonna do the best thing by you, but then you also have to do, the best thing by me as well. If you’ve got another offer, let me know.It’s a good thing that you’ve got another offer, but just let me know. Then I can give you fair representation because if I don’t know these things,how am I gonna represent you fairly to the client? We just really value being able to give honest representation and engaging in  mutual commitment.Being transparent is key in good relationships.

What does it mean – psychological contract?

Adele McNiff: I looked at the definition of a psychological contract and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the UK defines it as an individual’s expectations, beliefs ambitions, and obligations, as perceived, by employer and worker. The key word in that is perceived…I think you have to both parties, whether it’s candidate, our client be very conscious of how something could be perceived whether it’s the reality or not. It’s that perception. A candidate not being totally upfront with what they’ve got going on and it then coming out later in the process that breaks that psychological contract with ourselves as the agency and with the client because like any of them relationship, it’s about trust.It’s a lot harder to build back trust than it is to build in the first place. the thing that stood out to me is that it’s Psychological Contract.It isn’t like any other employment contract because it’s totally intangible. so it’s hard to define and that’s where constant and open communication comes in either in the recruitment process with all parties involved, all in the employment life cycle.

Our brand of business is reflected in the contract digital finance talent we enter in with you

Suki Stander: The more transparent it is. I think the not easier, but more trust can be built in that process. I know not all recruitment companies are the same and not in all internal recruiters are the same. A lot of people have been burned by recruitment agencies. psychological contract in Technology,Digital,Finance and Accounting talent solutions. That’s why we always advise, get two or three that you trust and that you know, that has your best interests at heart. It might not be find you the next job, but it might be to help you with your resume or to give a bit of advice, which is what we do. For us that’s that’s part of that’s psychological contract ,with inputting and helping and I think that expectation, sometimes you get disappointed because you you put that out there and you expect that back. Um, doesn’t always work like that but It’s just almost been in the last few months that there’s less and less of that reciprocation back and that, that list respect back for people’s time and effort that they’ve put in.


Adele McNiff: I think we’re always very conscious as well that, you know, like all of the parties, we have a huge role to clear that psychological contract. Yeah. And if we’re going to ask a candidate to commit to us, we’re committing in return to manage the processes efficiently and effectively as we can and represent them as best as we can on their behalf. that’s something we absolutely take pride in and focus on every single day. Um, it’s it’s key to to doing things with integrity as far as we’re confident.Tayla and wouldn’t you want somebody like that? To represent you to an employer?

What you can expect from someone looking after your opportunities at Montagu Group?

Tayla Allan:   I set an expectation with myself and a candidate that our psychological contract with them is always making sure there’s timely communication. Giving them updates when I have them, keeping them in the loop with what’s happening and not sort of letting them go. Well, what’s happening with this? Making sure that they’ve always got an update again like respectful treatment, like treating everyone, as equal, like nobody’s better than anybody else that sort of thing, and then you kind of want that back as well.

What is our part of the psychological contract in technology,finance and accounting solutions?

Tayla Allan: So I have a psychological contract that everything that you tell me is confidential so and I’m not going to go blurt that to the client but I am going to do my best. The best that I can to make sure that you look great on a piece of paper because that’s my job to get you that interview, and then making sure that that piece of paper reflects exactly what you can do. Honest representation  key there. So you’re not being missed represented with what I do to your resume.The other one just that mutual commitment from both parties. I’m just making sure that we’re committed to each other. Like a marriag but no so intense!

Suki Stander: We tell your current story, so the client or really has a big picture when you sit down and that’s part of that trust that you give us the information and we portray the information to represent you as best as possible.You can start building that psychological trust with the client int he interview and we’ve laid the foundation for that to happen.


How to manage the agreements through the talent solution process

Adele McNiff: It’s really key  for clients to manage the psychological contracts in digital finance talent process. And that’s about honestly reflecting their values what the role is about. If you have found that candidate that you really want making sure that, you feedback to them in a timely way.Make sure you get a contracts out to the minute timely way, you don’t throw a surprise in at the last minute. Sometimes we get along with through a process and there’s a global hiring freeze, just be honest. We can work with the candidate as they’re progress through other opportunities and potentially really like something down the track. It’s just it’s it’s that simple word of trust.We’ve done previous videos on and and talked about quiet quitting and quiet hiring – in terms psychological contracts in Technology,Digital,Finance and Accounting talent solutions. Quiet hiring has a lot of positives to it, but if it’s not implemented with integrity by both parties, it has the potential to go a little astray. These are great examples of psychological contracts and integrity, being strengthened or broken.

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