The current job market in Technology and Digital in Australia


Suki Stander: I want to speak about a little bit more of what’s going on in the current market in Technology and Digital at the moment. Not just not just the here and now, but In the economy. Candidates coming to an interview with, or actually having a conversation with you? So, I read up a little bit. 

I was thinking a little bit about the the external environment actually impacting So many things like how you feel, your attitude, your resilience yourself worth your confidence, like there’s so many things that impact that and start reading up and I landed on the redundancies that’s happening in Australia at the moment like this.

Recently I read that around 85,000 people that have been made redundant in the tech industry since January this year. You can find the article here. What does that mean? It creates it creates uncertainty and creates. Fear people are scared.  But also then creates caution- It’s like Oh, I’d rather stay where I’m at –Even if it’s bad, I won’t look around because maybe what I have is actually not that bad. So it just I feel like it changes the mindset of where candidates are sitting,.But also clients are being more cautious about employing the right person.

Is it as bad as it sounds?

I actually don’t think it’s as bad, like, 85,000 people made redundant this year. but if you play it off against how many people were hired, The previous two years. That was an anomaly as well. So that numb, if you compare the two numbers. Economically somewhere. They had to be a Reshift or a reset really of we over hired. For certain reasons. Online companies or convenient companies, like, Doordash bring stuff to your door and covid that was where the money went and those people that the tech, it’s tech companies, but they don’t actually specify.

A lot of the time it is the technical guys, but a lot of the time, it’s the admin or HR people as well, which is concerning because obviously, the HR people are flooding the market. And that’s a whole different conversation is like, if HR people are being let, go, and admin, people are being let go, does that mean that AI that companies are seeing that? I might take over those positions. I don’t know what the answer to that question is.

What about smaller companys?

But it’s not just technical people and  the big companies, but the smaller companies that potentially didn’t grow as much as the big tech companies during covert for various reasons. They might want it to grow, but they couldn’t afford the talent because the talent prices just went through the roof. It wasn’t that much talent available. So these smaller companies didn’t grow as aggressively but they’re still grown. So they’ve taken the fold. Now, I’m going. Thank you. We will take these guys and we’ll pop them into our our spots that we have available. So it might be a little bit of a redistribution of talents and a bit of a reset in the market from where we were still doesn’t make it great. So doesn’t make it. Oh, we’re confident about everything that’s happening. Interest rates, everything that’s going up.

The Global Cycle Impact

I can understand we can that’s our setting when you just reading this and it creates uncertainty, I’ve been through a few of these in my my career globally. It’s a cycle and good candidates will always find a job. It just works that way. If you’re good at what you do, you’ll find your next position. It might be a two weeks and turn around. It might be a three week turnaround but good candidates will still find opportunities out there and the market is going to take I think it’s gonna take Maybe till September October November this year. The things just to settle back to. Oh, okay. I can see where we’re at, I can see, sort of what’s coming where we’ve come from things of settled down a little bit and maybe a bit of confidence comes back, maybe a bit of conference comes back into the market.

What are we hoping for the future?

I’m hoping that for us, it’s really just we’re here. We haven’t gone anywhere we still doing what we’re doing. We still providing the same service. There might be a need to adjust the service a little bit in terms of the questions that we’re asking. But it’s about finding great, candidates for great employers, bottom line, Yeah, that’s that’s where my head is out at the moment in terms of how do we fit into this. This environment that’s uncertainty. I think for us, it’s to provide the certainty in the little space that we can for the little bit of time that we actually working with. Again a client. This is what it is. It’s is the full picture, the good, the bad, the ugly, you know exactly what you’re getting.

Go and explore and then give us your feedback. Nothing is you have to take the job is explore. See how it fits in with your environment, your lifestyle, your current situation. We’re providing that conduit. Yeah, safe pair of hands. Eating you through. The client and the candidate really.

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