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Suki Stander: I mentioned earlier that I’d like to revisit my presentation. The reason for that is, in the recent podcasts and workshops we’ve participated in and listened to, there seems to be a shift in the market from post-COVID. I know it’s been almost two years since then, but it still has a significant impact.

We’ve noticed this trend over the last three to five months to varying degrees.

Tayla Allan: Yeah.

Suki Stander: Clients are becoming more selective about the candidates they interview and shortlist. Unlike a year or two ago, where almost anyone who sent in a resume got an interview, the criteria for shortlisting and interviewing candidates has become more stringent. The market dynamics have changed with more talent entering the market and increased movement within it. Clients are rightfully becoming more discerning about who they want to see for interviews.

Tayla Allan: Yeah.

Suki Stander: I’d say about 90% of the time, clients want to see the position description before agreeing to interview a candidate.

Tayla Allan: Yeah, and even more than that. They’re not just looking for the perfect skill set; they’re also considering personality and cultural fit. So, tailoring your resume becomes crucial. Your hard and soft skills need to align with the specific industry and job requirements.

Suki Stander: Absolutely. Looking at it from our perspective, the first thing we shortlist based on is the candidate’s skills relevant to the role we’re recruiting for.

Tayla Allan: 100% Yep.

Suki Stander: Our focus is to rule candidates in rather than out. However, once we speak to a candidate, we assess not only their skills but also their cultural fit, as we know the client’s needs.

Tayla Allan: Yep.

Suki Stander: Resumes play a crucial role, and recently, we had a recruitment drive where a government client asked for selection criteria, something they usually didn’t require. Despite the extra effort, if done right, selection criteria can add value to a resume.

Tayla Allan: Yeah, they can be time-consuming, but they provide a detailed showcase of your experience for each criterion.

Suki Stander: Exactly. Many candidates have multiple resumes tailored for different positions, reflecting their diverse skills and experiences.

Tayla Allan: Yeah.

Suki Stander: For instance, having one for business analysis, change management, and project management. Tailoring your resume to each job is crucial because it’s not just about showcasing your skills but also demonstrating how you fit into the culture of the organization.

Tayla Allan: Absolutely. Resumes are often the first point of contact, and standing out with the right keywords is essential. If you’re a software developer, make sure relevant skills like Java are highlighted.

Suki Stander: And don’t assume people know the industries you’ve worked in, especially if you’re coming from overseas. Provide a brief description of the companies you’ve worked for.

Tayla Allan: Yeah, it adds that extra layer and makes your resume stand out. Even a sentence or two about the company can make a difference.

Suki Stander: Definitely. Also, consider the job titles, as they can vary between government and the private sector. Align your title with the industry standard to ensure your resume comes up in searches.

Tayla Allan: Yeah.

Suki Stander: In the past few weeks, we’ve noticed clients being more specific about their requirements, emphasizing the importance of a tailored approach.

Tayla Allan: Yeah, it’s not just a tick and flick anymore. They want to feel a connection with the resume, and the way you present it can make a difference.

Suki Stander: Absolutely. The visual appeal and wording matter. It’s about creating a feeling when the client looks at your resume.

Tayla Allan: Yeah, and it’s something you can’t practice. It’s who you are. That’s where we come in, translating that feeling to the client.

Suki Stander: Exactly. The resume paints the picture, and in interviews, you get the chance to sell yourself.

Tayla Allan: Yep.

Suki Stander: We can help with that process, providing feedback and assistance in adjusting your resume for the best impact.

Tayla Allan: Yeah, and if you’re struggling, getting a third party, even a friend, to look at it can make a significant difference.

Suki Stander: True. So, if anyone wants feedback or assistance, they can reach out to us on LinkedIn or through our website. We’ve also covered resume tips in a previous podcast, offering additional resources.

Tayla Allan: Yeah, there are plenty of tools available. So, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Great insights, Suki and Tayla! For those seeking feedback, reach out to Suki and Tayla on LinkedIn or through their website. They have a wealth of resources to help you perfect your resume and navigate the evolving job market.

Show Notes

The job market has undergone a significant shift since the pandemic, with employers adopting a more selective approach. In a recent podcast, recruitment experts Suki Stander and Tayla Allan shared valuable insights on how to navigate this evolving landscape and stand out to potential employers.

Tailoring is Key: Gone are the days of generic resumes. The current market demands a tailored approach, where your resume highlights not only relevant skills but also your cultural fit for the specific role and organization.

Beyond the Basics: While skills remain crucial, employers are increasingly looking for resumes that showcase selection criteria, visual appeal, and relevant keywords. Including brief descriptions of your previous companies, especially for international experience, can further enhance your application.

Standardize Your Profile: Ensure your job title aligns with industry standards to improve search visibility for potential employers.

Seek Feedback and Leverage Resources: Don’t hesitate to seek feedback on your resume from professionals or even a trusted friend. Additionally, resources like Suki and Tayla’s previous podcast episode on resume tips and their website can offer valuable guidance.

By following these expert tips and adapting your approach, you can increase your chances of landing your dream job in the ever-evolving market. Remember, a tailored resume, strong cultural fit, and effective presentation are key to making a lasting impression on potential employers.

Key Takeaways

Tailoring your resume is crucial: Generic resumes are no longer effective. Highlight relevant skills and cultural fit specific to each job application.

Go beyond just skills: Employers seek well-rounded candidates. Consider including selection criteria, using visually appealing formatting, and incorporating relevant keywords in your resume. Briefly describe your previous companies, especially for international experience.

Optimize your online presence: Ensure your job title aligns with industry standards for better search visibility. Seek feedback on your resume and utilize available resources like podcasts and websites offering resume advice.

By implementing these tips, you can adjust your approach to the current job market and enhance your chances of securing your desired position.

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