Montagu Beginnings

 Life can take directions you never anticipated at times – personally and professionally. Meet Suki and Tayla, the team at Montagu Group. Montagu Group was founded in 2020 by Suki Stander bringing together over 25 years of combined expertise in IT, Digital, Accounting and Finance labour hire and permanent resource placement. With professionalism and passion, Suki and the team work to bring together the best employers and candidates in Australia.

Montagu Group Recruitment – New Beginings

Suki- Montagu came to be as a result of the path my life took. I reached a point where I wondered about the next step and what it would look like, and that’s when Montagu happened. The name itself is quite interesting. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this, but Montagu is actually the town where my dad grew up in South Africa, and my grandmother used to live nearby. It’s a stunning region known for its fruit production, and it holds a special place in my heart. Additionally, the area where I grew up had a mountain pass called the Montagu Pass, connecting the coastal town to an inland town.

So, that’s my personal connection to the name Montagu. Interestingly, my husband knows the entire history of the Montagu Pass, and it’s truly fascinating. It turns out that the building of the Montagu Pass had a connection with Australia because there was an Australian general involved in its construction. I learned about this from my husband, who knows all about the history of the pass. There’s even an old toll house along the way where ox wagons had to pay a toll to use the pass. It was designed so that the ox wagons could be guided safely. That’s where the main inspiration for the name comes from.

When I was thinking about a name for my business, I wanted something personal. Recruitment is a field I love and it’s something deeply meaningful to me. I wanted the name to reflect that sentiment. That’s why the logo represents people who support each other and are open to giving and receiving help. It embodies the essence of what I strive for in my business.

So, that’s how everything unfolded and how the company was established. Adele became a part of the organization, and it felt like the perfect timing when she joined. She played a crucial role in building and structuring many aspects of the company. However, as life often does, circumstances changed, and we find ourselves in a different season now. Unfortunately, Adele is no longer with the company.

But that’s just how life goes, and it’s important to accept and embrace those changes. It happened authentically, according to the way it was meant to happen. And now, as we move forward, we have Tayla joining us. It’s been just over a year since you joined us.

Tayla- I can’t believe it. It’s gone so quick.

Suki- And during our first conversation on the phone, you expressed your uncertainty about pursuing 360 recruitment and whether you wanted to be involved in recruitment at all. However, I urged you to give it a chance because not all recruitment companies are alike. I wanted to show you a different approach and perspective.

Tayla – I vividly recall our conversation where I had doubts about whether this career path was right for me. The field of recruitment can be quite challenging, especially from a mental perspective. However, reflecting on where I was a year ago compared to where I am now, my mindset towards this industry has completely transformed. It’s like a complete 180-degree turn. The impact that one company can have on your perception and growth is truly remarkable. It’s astonishing how much a single experience can shape your perspective.

Suki Stander: We understand the power of having that kind of transformative experience, as it can happen not only for us but also for our candidates. One company can truly change the trajectory of your life in ways you couldn’t even anticipate. That’s why our company, People for People, is focused on the human connection. We recognize that both Tayla and I connect with candidates and clients who are individuals with their own unique complexities. Dealing with humans is not always easy, as they come with a mix of challenges and joys. And you’re absolutely right, this line of work can be mentally demanding. Some days, you just feel like you never want to talk to another person again.

Suki Stander: And the next moment you change somebody’s life, it’s incredible.

If you can see that, you can add value to somebody’s life.Even if it’s just like we’ve talked about reviewing resumes, giving advice on LinkedIn profiles, telling you about your seek profile and what that should look like.

Tayla Allan: All of that.It’s what we do. That’s what love we love.


Tayla Allan: being able to help people because that will come back around.

Suki Stander: Yeah, clients become candidates and candidates become clients. It’s just a cycle an we love to be apart of it.

Recap & Takeaways

In tracing the journey from Montagu Group to People for People, the narrative unveils a poignant connection to the name “Montagu,” woven into the fabric of familial history and the picturesque landscapes of South Africa. The conversation between Suki and Tayla delves into the transformative nature of their recruitment experiences, acknowledging the mental hurdles while highlighting the profound satisfaction derived from positively impacting lives. The company’s ethos is firmly grounded in the human connection, emphasizing the uniqueness of each individual within the recruitment process.

Two noteworthy insights emerge: firstly, People for People’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of candidates and clients, exemplified through personalized guidance on resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Secondly, the cyclical dynamic of clients becoming candidates underscores the establishment of enduring relationships within the recruitment realm. Ultimately, this narrative paints People for People not merely as a business entity but as a conduit for authentic connections, driven by a collective sense of purpose and mission.

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