Quiet Hiring in Technology, Digital and Finance Recruitment

with Adele McNiff Industry Leader


Adele McNiff: So, yeah, I’ve had a couple of discussions with a number of clients over the last few weeks initiated by, then about the concept of Quiet Hiring in Recruitment Technology. It’s not actually something that I’d come across as yet. Obviously, we’re all familiar from last year with quiet, quitting and quiet firing, but not quiet hiring. I had a little look into it and there’s a really good Gartner report on it. 

It’s not a new concept,the age-old concept that I think most organizations do with standard of taking, a strategic view of your current workforce and looking at how best to deploy them. The aim being to get the best results to reach the strategic goals of the organization. What was really interesting to me, and I think it’s indicative of a little bit of a mindset. We’re generally see in every in every one at the moment. The financial challenges and interest rates going up and the cost of everything increasing was just the, the very, the automatic instinct was this was a negative thing. It was good for employers, but it wasn’t good for employees.


And I don’t think that’s necessarily true, you know? For an organization it lets them deploy, their existing staff, where they’re going to get the best bang for Buck and and that’s certainly going to give them, you know, continuity of employment and, and keeping the IP in-house that this endless benefits for an organization.

As an employee, how do I have the conversation?

But as an employee, you ask, what’s in it for me. I think that really comes down to how you view it within the organization that you’re in. That the biggest con is, Is this a way to just make me do two jobs and double my workload for the same money? But I think if you that the key to it for me is making sure you’re looking at the full picture and be assertive, ask the questions. What am I going to be expected to do, is it a whole new role you want to put me in if it is? Is it a promotion if it is? Let’sNegotiate. 

Is it a side step but just with different responsibilities?Does that align with where I want my career to go? What training will I have so that I can be successful in the job? Am I maintaining part of my existing function? Will I be completing the whole workload with these new functions? Do I need to negotiate?

Future-proofing with Quiet Hiring

I think it certainly got positives and we’ve been having lots of discussions about artificial intelligence and that taking away the functional aspects of people’s job descriptions and responsibilities. So there could be a great opportunity in it to add to your existing skills or diversity skills in a way that will future prove you. But for me the key is be assertive; ask the questions negotiate if you need to and just be sure, you’ve got the full picture.

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