SALARY GUIDE 2023/2024

SALARY GUIDE 2023/2024

As Australia continues to grapple with the ongoing skills shortage, it’s no surprise that we continue to see steady growth in salaries across both IT & Digital and Accounting & Finance. Irrespective of location, experience level or industry, both prospective and current employees are increasingly seeking salary increases in excess of the more standard 3-5% that has traditionally been seen as the standard. Even the highest-paying industries, including mining, finance and professional services, are not immune to the upward pressure on salaries to either attract or retain the best talent. Montagu Group have done the research and put together a comprehensive salary guide so you too can look at how it applies to you , weather  you are looking for your next job, or even looking for the next employee. 

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How we gathered Information

Our numbers are compiled based on the salaries of Technology, Digital, Accounting and Finance roles that we have obtained through matching numerous individuals with excellent job opportunities within the constantly evolving tech and finance industries. We have gathered this data from a range of sources and reports, including Gartner, the Bureau of Statistics and other industry and economic reports about the Australian industry.

To calculate our results, we collect an even number of salaries from various sources, such as consultancies, client brands, software product houses, and small to large digital agencies. We then calculate the median and overall earnings based on these figures.

We ensure that the confidentiality of the individuals and companies whose salaries we use to derive our results is maintained. The numbers we collate are generally in line with the market standard.