The Art of Goal Setting

Many of us set goals at the start of a new year. We’re motivated to make positive changes and push ourselves past our current boundaries. But in all that excitement, we also need to ask ourselves some tough questions.

Knowing your values is the first step to achieving your goals. What do you value most? Is it success? Health? Happiness? Knowing what you value is the starting point for setting your goals, and making sure that they are aligned with who you are as a person and how you want to live life.

Five questions to ask yourself when reviewing your goals

By asking ourselves these 5 questions, we can be more confident about our goals and what they mean to us.

How do my values align with my actions – and do I know my values?

Am I accountable for the life that I’m living and who am I accountable to?

What are my life goals and am I proud to have them?

Are my actions helping me to achieve those life goals?

Do I have a sense of purpose in work and life, both personally and professionally?

If you want to discuss your your future and seriously evaluate you why and how – find someone who you trust to have those big honest conversations and once you have broken down whats really going on – you can start to set goals knowing your WHY.

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