Suki and Tayla kick off Season 3 of “Conversations that Connect” with a bang, outlining their ambitious goals for 2024. They emphasize the importance of vision boards, setting clear intentions, and embracing progress over perfection.

This year, Tayla is focused on CEO confidence and stepping into uncharted territory within the business, while Suki champions authenticity and sharing the real ups and downs of life. Together, they promise a season filled with insightful business talk, personal reflections, and genuine connections with listeners.

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Full Show Trascript

🎙️ **Welcome to Season Three of “Conversations that Connect”! 🌟 Featuring the dynamic duo, Suki and Tayla from Montague Group.**

Hey there, fabulous listeners! Can you believe we’re diving into the third season already? Time flies when you’re having engaging conversations, and speaking of which, how should we kick off 2024? What’s on your minds today?

🗣️ **Suki :** Well, buckle up because we’re starting off with a bang – two boom boards, to be precise. One for the business side of life and another for the personal journey.

👩‍💼 **Tayla :** Absolutely, Suki! Big vision boards that resonate with the sound of bullets hitting their mark. We’re leveling up this year, setting ambitious goals for the business, clients, candidates, and of course, our own personal growth. It’s all about staying focused, kicking procrastination to the curb, and getting things done.

🗣️ **Suki :** Love it! So, Tayla, spill the beans. What’s your approach to these vision boards?

👩‍💼 **Tayla :** Vision boards are my jam, especially at the start of the year. They ignite a fire in me, mapping out what I want my year to look like. This year, it’s all about CEO confidence – no more holding back. I’ve got two mottos to live by: “Confidence is high; no one will question me,” and “Progress, not perfection.” As a notorious perfectionist, I’ve learned that progress fuels success more than aiming for perfection ever could.

💬 **Naomi :** Absolutely, Tayla! Accountability is key. What’s the second motto?

👩‍💼 **Tayla :** The second one is a bit subtler – “Progress, not perfection.” As a perfectionist, I’ve often let the pursuit of flawlessness hinder my progress. This year, it’s all about taking small steps every day, embracing the journey, and appreciating the lessons along the way.

💬 **Suki :** I resonate with that, Tayla. Progress is progress, no matter how small. It’s all about the journey and the 1% improvement each day.

👩‍💼 **Tayla :** Absolutely, Suki! And speaking of last year, we tackled the challenges with a “slight edge” mentality, putting in the hard work day by day. The energy this year feels different – lighter, more positive. We’ve missed that vibe.

💬 **Suki :** Three years of heavy energy, and now we’re ready for the shift. 2024, here we come!

👩‍💼 **Tayla Allan:** Absolutely! New year, new vibes, new environments. I’m stepping into uncharted territories, embracing change, and elevating my role within the business.

💬 **Suki ** You’ve been rocking it, Tayla! It’s not stepping into the unknown; it’s owning it with confidence.

👩‍💼 **Tayla :** True that, Suki! And beyond the professional, we’re spicing things up in the podcast. Sharing what we’re learning, reading, watching – adding a personal touch to the business talk.

💬 **Suki :** Exactly! Because life isn’t always sunshine and roses, right? We want you to see the authentic us, the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

👩‍💼 **Tayla :** Whether it’s celebrating victories or sending a “thinking of you” message on LinkedIn, we’re here for the real, heartfelt connections.

💬 **Suki :** So buckle up, listeners! 2024 is full of big plans, authentic moments, and a fire in our bellies. Bring it on!

👩‍💼 **Tayla :** We can’t wait to share this exciting journey with you. Let’s make 2024 the best one yet! 🚀

Show Notes

Goal setting takes center stage, with Suki and Tayla advocating for powerful vision boards that ignite passion and map out clear intentions.

This year, Tayla’s motto is “Confidence is high; no one will question me,” reflecting a shift towards CEO-level self-assuredness.

Perfectionism takes a backseat as she embraces the mantra “Progress, not perfection,” acknowledging that small, consistent steps fuel success more than aiming for the unattainable.

Suki champions authenticity, promising to share the “real us,” the highs and lows, and everything in between. This season will delve beyond business talk, offering heartfelt connections and a glimpse into the hosts’ personal journeys. Whether it’s celebrating victories or sending a supportive message, real-life experiences take center stage, fostering deeper connections with listeners.

Change and exploration are keywords for 2024. Tayla steps into uncharted territories within the business, while both hosts embrace new environments and perspectives.

This season promises to be a dynamic mix of personal growth, professional ambition, and genuine connection, leaving listeners inspired and ready to tackle their own goals with renewed confidence and authenticity.

Season 3 is about aiming high, embracing the journey, and connecting on a deeper level. Buckle up, listeners, because Suki and Tayla are ready to make 2024 the best one yet!

Key Takeaways

Vision boards and goal setting: Both Suki and Tayla highlight the power of vision boards to ignite motivation and map out achievable goals for the year.

Progress over perfection: Tayla emphasizes the importance of embracing progress, even small steps, over aiming for unattainable perfection.

Authenticity and real connections: The hosts promise a season of genuine conversations, sharing not just business successes but also personal challenges and vulnerabilities.

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