How did you become a specialist in recruitment for Information Technology and Digital sectors?

My recruitment journey in Information Technology and Digital started because of my star sign which is pretty interesting. The lady that was the local recruitment company in the town that I grew up in, pulled up my resume one day because we were still in the filing system. (I’ve been doing recruitment for a while!) When she  pulled out the resume and saw that my star sign was a Virgo, and she employed only Virgos. The bonus was that she saw that I did a degree in Human Resources, which prompted her to  interview me and offer me a job. That’s how I fell into recruitment was because of my star sign.

What did you love about the role of talent solutions in Information Technology and Digital initially?

What I loved about the role is that it spoke to who I am and what I love doing. I think if you don’t enjoy working with people, then this job will quickly chew you up, and spit you out, because it’s 100% people based. 

What challenges did you experience in your career?

So I did recruitment in George, which is a small town in South Africa, that that for about a year or two. Then we immigrated to Ireland and started my Information Technology  and Digital career. Recruiting in Ireland,  I didn’t know a thing about it recruitment, couldn’t understand a word that Irish was saying to me. It was a huge, huge learning, curve very steep. Loved it, every second of it, the Irish are amazing people. I’ve got a very soft spot for them in my heart and that, that was six years and then we applied for our permanent residency to come to Australia and in 2009. So my husband and I arrived here with a 10 month old baby girl. The timing was smack, bang in the middle of the global financial crisis in 2009.

What do you do in these kinds of times? You just start again.

What’s the biggest business reflection guiding you at the moment?

I’ve been privileged enough to work with some amazing companies in Information Technology, Digital and Finance. Some companies I still have relationships with and have have built that strong connection. Like Adele said, that center part of our our logo really or our tagline is that that human connection goes for clients and candidates and internally. Yeah, so that’s been the journey. Now we’re here at Montagu Group, and we’ve got a team together and it’s almost like all roads have led to here.

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