How did you begin your recruitment career in Information Technology and Finance?


So, I stumbled into Information Technology and Finance recruitment, I didn’t think that I would ever be in recruitment. I thought my path was in hotel management in five star hotels, doing all of that, but turns out, that’s not for me. We moved to Weipa. Which is a small mining town in Cape York. I started in mining and civil construction recruitment,it was very fast-paced.And basically, it was the only decent job there that I could get. And I didn’t want to work shift work, I didn’t want to go drive the trucks or anything.

How did you begin your role as Candidate Manager in IT and Finance at Montagu Group?

We actually left Weipa, we went traveling for almost 16 months and then we came back to the Gold Coast.I read this ad on Seek and I was like that’s good. That sounds really good, because I wasn’t too sure what I was going to do anyway. I saved that ad and then just went on with life, and then I applied for it just as it was expiring.I met and had a chat with Suki ;then we organized an interview and we all fell in love with each other.As silly as that sounds, but it just felt right.

Now I’m in IT, Accounting and Finance recruitment and I absolutely love it. I couldn’t picture myself doing anything else. Everybody that I speak to is just amazing. And yeah it’s just it’s very heartwarming this industry.

So, that’s how I stumbled into Information Technology and Finance recruitment. I loved it from day dot.


Have you met Montagu Groups Co-Founders Suki and Adele?

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